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I am a pensioner and cannot afford this sort of debt...I wrote to be2 several times not even the curtesy of a reply ...They contacted debt collector here and tried to harass me with them.I contacted the debt collectors and told them what had transpired between b2 and myself. I have learnt to check reviews now after this experience.agajnst These people are perpetual liars and cheats. At the end of the trail I was autorenewed for another 3 months. Feb 08, · Online Dating Services Racking Up BBB Complaints. There an "Unsubscribe" selection, but it leads to a place to sign up and never sent to the office or program to stop them.

They emailed back and said they would take no further action. The only hope for you:is to write a letter "certify" to the manager: To Luxemberg (address below)and form.

This is definitely not made clear and many people have obviously fallen for it.

They tell you that if you want to stop the charges or complain you actually have to write to an address in Luxembourg!

Will I recommend be2 NO BECAUSE YOU ARE IN ONLY TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF LONELY PEOPLE NOT REALY TO MATCH THEM, what is the point of stipulating what age group men you are looking for when be2 sends you matches 15 to 20 years younger...

and even that I have brought to their attention and yet I still get these young men... Hardly any people on the site and when you come to the end of your period you find there is only a very small window of opportunity in which you can opt out..

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