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Large quantities have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

The crackers have quite a high fat content per cracker of 2.7g - 2.2g of which is saturated fat.

There is 1g of fat per slice, but the fibre content is high at around 2g per slice. TUC BISCUITS Cals per 100g: 522; per biscuit: 23 Another old family favourite, but not a particularly good choice for slimmers as TUC biscuits contain glucose syrup and a higher proportion of saturated fat.

Each biscuit contains 1.3g of fat, of which 1g is saturated.

Cornish wafers are free from hydrogenated vegetable oils, also known as trans fats.

These oils are formed artificially when manufacturers bubble hydrogen through vegetable fat or oil in order to extend shelf-life.

For many people, swopping bread for crackers and crispbreads is one way of cutting back on calories.

However, there is still quite a wide disparity between the many different brands.

These contain sodium, both in salt content and in the raising agent sodium bicarbonate. CRACKERBREADCals per 100g: 380; per biscuit: 21 These extremely light crackers are very low in fat - 0.2g per slice - and are low in calories at 19 per slice.

Around 12.8million people in Britain are on a diet.

We spend almost £2billion each year on slimming aids, while every week it seems a new eating regime is launched to combat the country's soaring obesity problem.

A high intake of saturated fat has been linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

JACOBS CORNISH WAFERS Cals per 100g: 530; per biscuit: 47 Suitable for vegetarians and free from artificial colours.

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