Dating caucasian rugs

In Thailand, Buddhist monks were bolstering their spirits and attracting good fortune by tattooing each other with religious designs and icons.

In the aftermath of his grief he wooed young men with his seductive songs, which so enraged Orpheus' female admirers that they tore him limb from limb.

Captain Cook's crew would have been even more astonished to learn that Western cultures, too, had a long but forgotten history of tattooing.

So complete was European amnesia that, even now, it's difficult for many anthropologists to accept that Caucasians may have been responsible for disseminating tattoo culture (and other inventions) to much of the world.

This operation, which is called by the natives "tattaw", leaves an indelible mark on the skin.

It is usually performed when they are about ten or twelve years of age, and on different parts of the body." For display purposes, Cook brought with him a heavily tattooed Tahitian chief, reinforcing the belief that tattoo was synonymous (exclusively so) with the culture of the South Seas.

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