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However, this seemingly simple task exhibits a very high degree of complexity.

Human walking requires complex control between multiple body segments, joints and muscles, working in synchronization to provide impressive terrain adaptation, shock absorption and energy-efficient forward movement.

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The aim will be to distinguish between features which are genuine aerodynamic or aeroacoustic performance enhancements, and those which may satisfy other biological or physical constraints.The testing protocol may involve traditional wind-tunnel testing, novel free-flight testing on gliders, computational fluid dynamics, or a combination of these.An important aspect of this project will be to determine the feasibility of using these different methods to achieve the desired project goals.It also aims to understand the mechanical effect of the planned treatment and make recommendations for the intervention method based on mechanical loading considerations.The project will involve: The aim of this research project is for the first time to design, develop and test a novel engineering kit which would play an important tool in fighting obesity in the general public, particularly in children and adolescents.

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