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As a woman, you know how to handle that and turn it to your own advantage.Dating a 2 lady is very tricky and requires a lot of tact and diplomacy -- but trust me, she is more than worth it. But dating in France—or dating a French guy on American soil—presents a whole new world of romance that can’t necessarily be ordered à la carte. By way of a different culture, language, and romantic norms, dating someone from any country is bound to present some serious differences.If you are a woman on a first date with a 2 guy, you are in luck.You get to decide, control the evening and do most of the talking, all the while being obviously adored and appreciated.“Men were slightly more likely to find smokers unattractive, though women weren’t far behind,” according to the survey, “with 54 percent saying smoking has a negative impact on attractiveness.” To find out where you should smoke and when should you consider pulling a Kojak , read the full report here.A first impression on a first date can make or break the evening -- and mean the difference between a second date or an evening alone with a gallon of ice cream.

First thing you do is open the car door and wait until she has placed her feet front and center on the car mat. Go around to the driver's seat, set yourself down with some elegance (even if that comes unnaturally to you, because she really does not like clumsy or crude manners), turn towards her with your recently whitened teeth, smile and compliment her on her dress.

His mind makes unexpected turns, and very little in the conversation is predictable, so you better be alert and quick (a double espresso before the date may be helpful).

Underneath that light-hearted exterior, however, is a sensitive human being with depth and spiritual curiosity.

She will entertain you, no doubt about that, but she also expects you to respond, think on your feet and make her laugh.

While she may spit her wine all over the table if you crack a good enough joke, don't be embarrassed, she won't be.

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