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In short, this MK slave is being used to program her own fans – not unlike stars in the entertainment industry.

In Certain Words, That Poppy alludes to an important concept in Monarch mind control: The use of trigger words.

Let’s look at the most important themes of the video – which happen to be the entertainment industry’s favorite themes.

Of course, I will not go through all 70 videos because that would be INSANE …

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In her early videos, That Poppy was somewhat ‘human’, expressive, and talked about music and being an artist.In Charlotte Interviews Poppy, That Poppy answers questions asked by a Charlotte, a journalist (or something) played by a mannequin.In subsequent videos, we see various hints to her being under control such as her asking someone off-camera “what do you want me to say”, her being under the influence of drugs (which are used by handlers to program their slaves) and even her receiving death threats (what rhymes with breath? In Step 1, That Poppy guides the viewers as they are apparently being brainwashed by sound frequencies.At one point she says: We this “behind the scenes” look, we understand that Titanic Sinclair is the mind control handler cand That Poppy is the glitchy MK slave.As the videos progress, That Poppy turns into an increasingly lifeless drone who is clearly under the control of shady people.

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