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With figures on his side, it’s beyond dispute: He’s topped Drake, who last year seemed bigger than ever, and he did it without ever calling him out directly.by dropping his throne-claiming “Control” freestyle a month before its release, and since then, it’s become something of a habit for Kendrick to seize rap fans’ attention exactly when Drake most wants it. As we’ve come to expect from Kendrick, everything has been meticulously arranged.Directed by Dave Meyers & The Little Homies, the “LOYALTY” video comprises a series of striking set pieces revolving around the titular theme, or its potential absence: Kendrick blindfolded and betrayed; Kendrick encircled and sinking with no one to help him; Kendrick fighting to defend his lady love; Kendrick keeping her from falling from a hundred stories.Why pick another fight, especially with such a powerful figure?Even if Drake possesses no small measure of hubris, give him credit: He’s shrewd enough not to fight on two fronts.It was true that “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance,” not to mention “Work,” made 2016 Drake look bigger than he’d ever been before, but the overall drain on his street credibility and musical/lyrical reputation was huge.

But only Drake himself, alone on the grounds of his vast Calabasas estate, knows if he’s truly ready to fold.

Of course, Rihanna’s no pawn: If she went along with Jay and Kendrick’s scheme and linked up with Drake last year just to betray him and make eyes at Kendrick, it was for her own reasons.

Her affection for Drake is real, but her tolerance for his self-serving antics is low; it’s conceivable that she wants to reduce him to a manageable level.

Jay and Rihanna have a long-standing business relationship.

It was Jay, as president of Def Jam, who originally signed Rihanna to a major label, Rihanna premiered on Tidal last year, and she continues to be managed by Roc Nation.

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