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Before emotion, creativity, or brains, people looked to motion as the convincing spark of life, and they found it in automatons.

Automatons go back as far as ancient Greece, when Hero of Alexandria created and documented his programmable devices by 70 AD, and ancient Chinese texts describe encounters with automata dating at the 3 century arrived, the previously slow and sparse automaton production made way for a burst in remarkable automated creativity.

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The song was written by the great Italian cinema composer Piero Umiliani.

Because automatons did more than simply entertain, they raised questions that mapped squarely onto emerging debates on the nature of humanity and the mechanized nature of life.

Building momentum in the 17 century, mechanism as a broad philosophy held that the universe is nothing more than a mechanized system, and that all phenomena, animal behavior, and even human life can be explained under laws of nature governing mass and motion.

As incredible or unnerving as that may sound, the pursuit of a man-made intelligent friend has been centuries in the making.

These artificial forms of would-be life started out like any other - with movement, self-controlled movement.

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