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He was a divine incarnation – indeed he was the greatest spiritual luminary of our time – and his mission of restoring the Vedic religion to its old glory was no less significant than that ot Adi Sankara.This Master of Masters was like a lambent light who rekindled the spirit of the nation and brought about a renaissance in many spheres like religion and culture.Such a Master was Pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati Svami, who has in the discourses constituting this book given an illuminating account of Hindu Dharma in all its respects.

We need Brahmins as separate class only to preserve the vedic dharma and work for the well-being of mankind.Someone who comes with an open mind with no expectations and baggage and build the tempo and be open to healthy flirting as we get to know each other.Who loves being loved and doted is my type as making one happy in all..In the varna system, the duties of the various jatis are interlinked so as to ensure cohesion and harmony in society.Altogether it is an integrated view of Sanathana Dharma that emerges in which the ultimate Vedic message of liberation here and now is underlined.

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