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This drama made me fall in love with Jang Hyuk; his crazy laugh, his charisma, his deep-low voice, everything! I love the chemistry of Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk too bad they didn't end together in real life. ..daniel ra...n hamo hamo couple...forget...first at all bcoz from hamo hamo couple ok.geun n kim min young to fated together... since TSSOBG drama...2002..20 years I very love all of ost this drama.bye my love..girl..n bla bla(forgot) Very good and unique plot, amazing actors especially Jang Hyk, his chemistry with Jang Nara is palpable. Jang Hyuk was one of the actor that you didn't expect to be in comedic role. It is so much better than the heirs love both jang nara & Bali. Choi Jin-Hyuk also performing a great Oppa ^ ^ cute and understanding... And all other characters are doing so great in this drama... Thanks to MBC'S for creating the best drama of the year. I am sure that everyone who watched this drama was happy, sad, and fell in love with the characters. Congratulation to all that was involved in this drama. Jang Hyuk & Na Ra brought the writers creative writing to a life pulsing reality, I was 100% into the characters. What a great drama from acting, writing, directing I like it so much especially Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra tandem they're so amazing. This is one of my few favorite k-dramas :) would love to see them together in another rom-com drama Superb acting by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. Cannot take off my eyes on the screen whenever they're on together. I would hands down recommend this drama to everyone and anyone. After 10 years they gave us another drama that will prove their chemistry will continue as adult characters. thank God i found this's never too late than never hahaha i super enjoyed the original version way back but i really loved the korean version..i cried and laugh so hard in every episode.kdrama was made beautifully...super thumbs up:) i personally feels "Fated to love you" is better than The Heirs.seriously.since i already watched the taiwanese version bfore ( it was entitled "You are my destiny" in taiwan version) i really anticipated this drama in Korean Version. Credit goes to Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk for making this drama wonderful. A colorful drama which is funny, touching and deeply romantic... I hadn't seen Jang HYuk play an off beat type f character before but he sure pulled off with style and finesse Na Ra- well I couldn't imagine another actress doing any better with this role then she did. Jang Hyuk, Jang Na Ra and Choi Jin Hyuk are the best. Best drama 2014, best actor and actress and best OST goodbye my love by ailee. Thanks to Director & Scriptwriter for this great drama. His new personality dashing looks could’ve win back Miyoung heart! It has funny, sad, gut wrenching and happy moment throughout this drama. Never before I cried on any k drama but I cried, laughed and admired the beauty of both lead on this drama. so much more than one would expect from a Rom-Com... The 2nd female lead, Wang Jiwon was awesome, so I was disappointed when she did get nasty. Jang Hyuk is so adorable, and has a strong screen presence. I am enjoying this drama very much....thank you writers, thank you casting, thank you wardrobe (entire cast is stylin') and many, many, many thanks to the subbers for translating from it's original language to the many different audiences that tune in every Wednesday/Thursday. It has a charm all on its own that sets it apart from the original (take note i loved that too so much so that its one of my faves) altho basically they have the same characters and plot. And I like both the main character, so that's a plus. Lots of the comment said that the excitement would pick up after the second episode, but I haven't found it yet (currently at ep.8, but halt it until the drama ends or until I found a reason to continue). Best drama I have watched this year, every episode makes me laugh so hard. Compared to other dramas,not much explosive reactions. But, yet another reason why I love na Ra so so much! Rather than a selfish young man, his portrayal promises to be that of a mature, optimist. Wang Ji-Won's portrayal of the career-minded dancer is something to look forward to because I can't see her as the insecure girlfriend; selfish yes but not clinging and insecure. And besides, if Choi Jin Hyuk were to become the second male lead, I think the main actress is a little too old for him... None of that "She comes from a bad family don't marry her" crap. I will recommend it to my friends who like me, love korean dramas. This has got to be one of the best kdrama's of 2014...entire cast is lovely. Although, so real drama is about to go down after episode 10. Many viewers are very hungry for every preview & episode. He is constantly putting it behind his ears and moving out of the way just like a girl would....ugh! Jang Hyuk's voice is sexy and that laugh infectious. After reading the comment, yeah.guys are right.looks like Oscar! Shouldn't the plot be with a male lead that is arrogant, rich and a young successor of his family's business and the female lead be a innocent, careless and sloppy young office girl?

Dear Sirs, This is a poignant, touching drama that has made me cry and laugh. I am happy to see that they have won awards for their performances. I can't believed that this drama is over I was expecting more episodes... This is one of the most enjoyable KD's that I have watched. I should never look at how a show is doing in the local ratings because I can never understand them... I said that it's shaping up to be my favorite drama of 2014, and they we all feel that it may well be one of those all-time classics that people watch again and again. Kim Mi Young is going to be a bitch to Lee Gun now that they haven't seen each other for 2 years because her personality changed a lot. For instance, at some point the Snail tells her mom about Gun's laugh! The atmosphere of love really defines the meaning of true love. they acknowledge their chemistry and work again.... I love Hyuk and Nara you did great job and thanks for inspiring us. One of my fav dramas this year :) I read somewhere that the script writer of this remake really wanted Jang Hyuk to portray Lee Gun..(the character was written base on him).could laugh demonically/pervert/gentleman and weird as him? JH is very popular and an excellent actor in the writer might be a fan of him.. was written also base on JH but for some valid reason, JH drop it before the airing and Hyun Bin got it. He keeps flipping it back in a feminine kind of way which is very off putting. Favorite drama of 2014 so far, Thank You all the staff and cast for the hard work!! Here in California, we currently catching up on episode 7. Miyoung functuated and profoundly glow into blossom red rose petal! I hated to see it end, I only wish the writers would have had more time to develop Daniel Pitt and his missing sister Mi Young and their reunion more....but, with the time constraints I understand it was impossible. I have to say that at the beginning, I didn't wanted to watch this drama.. I hope the writers give me what I wish for the most. Mi young needs to be more assertive in the next episodes and give Gun a bit of a hard time for all the tears she got in the past. =) I love this Drama to die for and now I can compare to the Taiwanese :) The characters are well characterized and Se Ra, i hate her more and more (how the hell you can take advantage of one who has lost his memory) .... Hopefully it turns out cute and funny :) Im more surprised that Choi Jin Hyuk isnt the lead, he looks more like a chaebol to me. I just hope the Korean version will do proper justice for the Taiwanese one.. My Korean favorite drama of all time was "The Successful Story of a Bright girl, and my Taiwanese one was Fated to Love you.. THIS IS AWESOME ^______^ i'm totally looking forward to it. Well, I am actually glad that south korea is actually remaking this drama maybe it will be a thousand times better. i regretted that i almost miss a very good drama ... So many things: the chemistry of the main actors, the tragedy of losing the baby, Jang's character with a deceivingly weak personality, and mostly the sense of humor by which the script takes on the characters. It's so ideal and telling two people to love truly despite each others condition. :) if you miss snail couple...u can watch one-act drama old goodbye...heartwarming story.shoot this special drama one month after ftly finished... The story is simple but have so much fun watching it. Jang Hyuk character was hilarious, I laughed a lot because of him^^. Spontaneously enticing, romantically flattering share in bed! Looking forward these amusing actors to grand fully accomplish in reality more often! Great director, great actors and actresses especially Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara ^_^ Well, it's over...of the best drama's this year..the year isn't even over. Octupus, Ji-Yeon x Yong, Ji-Yeon x Mi Young, Director Tak x Gun (really love Director Tak...dancing is hilarious!!!! I know everyone does not want to see Daniel with Mi Young, and K dramas are always predictable, but wouldn't it be awesome if the writers stunned us by doing the opposite of what's expected and put Daniel and Mi Young together and Gun and Se Ra together...afterall it is call Fated To Love You.... PS: does anyone know the brand of smartphones they use? There were some parts I didnt like from the Taiwanese one. The Korean version of Chen Xin Yi looks so Classy tho :( Unlike Joe, she looks so innocent as Cindy and drop dead gorgeous as Elaine. My Korean favorite drama of all time was "The Successful Story of a Bright girl, and my Taiwanese one was Fated to Love you.. THIS IS AWESOME ^______^ i'm totally looking forward to it. It had just enough happiness, sadness, tragic, comedy, everything you name it~ and Jang Hyuk was always my favorite actor since "The Successful Story of a Bright Girl" so having him and the female lead both remaking my favorite Taiwanese drama?! She's good for roles like she had in School 2013... Jang- Na Ra only heard of her from drama baby faced or something like that. haha This was interesting and wasnt long at all compared to other drama re-makes. I got some but I don't think I got all of them yet? Just start watching this drama & I'm loving it do far!!! I wasn't sure at first if I would like it but then it just accelerated. :) :) I love both of them and I hope they will get back together for acting another film or drama after fated to love you..i loves jang nara and jang hyuk them plays a very nice ... their acting strong I want them to act together again ... it's perfect i love the actors: Jang Hyuk , Jang Na-Ra ...every one in this drama .... The old version it was (Be3399) Not intreseting at All "Old" .... It's my favorite drama am i the only one who is not jumping off my seat for this drama? I mean think of "Secret Garden" as just another rich jerk Chaebol falling for the poor girl.... BUT , the little things , like Joo-Won's monologues about his hand stitched clothes, the gaudy track suits, the sit-up scene, Hyun Bin's performance and ability to make us cry when he was writing her the letter , etc... i love my oppa new hair sad to see all his hair cut off but he still look freaking GOOD!!!! Introduction to the role and played the character very well . they are so good that its difficult to believe that they not together in real life OMG, literally love this drama, I like how you didn't expect if it was gonna be sad or happy throughout the movie, talk about a dramatic rollercoaster. You look very comfortable you and I will always be a BIG FAN of you Can som one out there tell me all the Ost name of this drama for me. KD quality has been declining in the last couple of years so I was very very grateful to find this drama. What im wanting to see is her personality now that is going to be great. we're love this korea drama ( ♥ Fated to love you ♥).

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