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The reason of destroying each other's monuments was mostly because of the desire to eradicate the evidence of the others presence in Kosovo than by religious fanaticism.

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Madras maintains cooperation with educational institutions such as the: University of Pristina, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Association of Kosovo Charter, and the Council of Solidarity at LDK etc.The right includes freedom to hold, not to have, keep or change religion or belief.Also, it includes the right to manifest religion or belief (in worship, teaching, practice and observance), either alone or in community with others, in public or privately.Graduates of this school, how havedoctorate degrees, and masters, and are different scientific workers, theologians, doctors, engineers, etc., scattered throughout all corners of the world.Madras's home in Pristina, is a modern school, equipped with computer rooms, language labs, a sports hall and a library, in which have stored old manuscripts from the centuries before of our Islamic and national past.

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