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Catherine Cook and her brother David were complaining about the choice of photographs in their annual school yearbook when an idea struck.She set up a social networking site using a computer in her bedroom and in six years has built up 25 million users across the United States.Live was changing in ways I could never imagine.'By 2006 the pair of internet entrepreneurs had outgrown their bedroom and they invested in a state-of-the-art office building in New Hope, Pennsylvania.Aged just 16, Catherine had a staff of 12 new developers.'Looking back I was only getting two hours sleep a night.

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All social networks listed below have a million users or more.There is also the option to use your Facebook account for logging in, which should help you skip certain steps and save time. Businesses often think of the top four social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and My Space — as the only game in town.But I knew when I went off to Georgetown that it would be the end of our relationship.'Catherine was also the victim of jealousy, similar to that felt by Zuckerberg.She explained: 'Once the site became an overnight success, there was a weird situation with a guy in my Spanish class.'We were friends but he suddenly stopped speaking to me.

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