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A former newspaper editor for two decades in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, Ty now earns his lunch money as a fiction writer, mostly in the fantasy and horror genres.

In his free time he enjoys tabletop and video gaming, long swording, target shooting, reading, beer tasting and recalling fond memories of his late wife and their beagle baby, Lily.

Video Games, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Comics, Manga or TV Series; knowledge is at your fingertips! If you want to chill out between two chats, check our Web TV filled with the best shows from our web partners!Picking the right time to reveal your inner-crazy to someone you’re dating becomes that much more real when your insides are full of Doctor Who trivia and the melodies of random anime soundtracks.And don’t think that dating another nerd automatically takes care of that either.Maybe this site will help be the fondu pot you need to make it happen.Yes, the homepage for Geek2Geek is covered exclusively with white people.

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