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It is said that Melio, who never married, had a love affair with Bonnie Prince Charlie.

John Weston (the second) owned the estate from 1701 to 1730, and being the last male heir Sutton Place was passed to his daughter Melior Mary who lived here for 52 years.

This was added some time after the house was built and appears to have been inspired by Withers’ ‘Emblems’ published in 1635 where, ‘a fool sent forth to fetch the goslings home’ is said to have thrust them under his girdle and strangled them for fear that they should drown when he was to wade across the river.

Elizabeth I stayed for three days at Sutton Place after she had made him Knight of the Bath at her coronation two years earlier.

Sir Henry Weston in 1588 at the age of 23 served with distinction at the last siege of Calais, when France finally reclaimed the town.

The family was not financially able to effect repairs and the house remained this way for many years.

Sir Richard however had died the previous year and the scheme, which had far exceeded it's original budget, left his successor George in serious debt, so much so he was incarcerated into a debtors prison. A fire at the house severely damaged the gate house and destroyed the north wing.

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