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Granted, my crimes are at most simple misdemeanors - in Iowa speeding is punishable by 1-3 months in jail as a simple misdemeanor. While I've never bothered with Michigan, I know felons in WI, IL, IA, MA, FL, CA, and CO who have law licenses. From the interior, you can become a lawyer with a felony in your background.

I had a failure to stop at a stop sign on a bicycle in CA way back when, but I've had to cop to that, too. I've had clients who've had nursing licenses and other healthcare type licenses. You will have problems, and hoops to jump through, but you can get and keep a license with a felony.

If you have even a misdemeanor you will not be accepted in the program, therefore you would not be able to obtain a degree. I am a nurse and if you don't pass background check no getting into a program..even without any offenses there are waiting lists from 1-5 years to get into nursing programs here!

So, I've had to cop to each and every crime I've ever committed to each and every bar. The bar worked with them, and both were eventually licensed after passing the regular, academic part of the bar, and getting their JD.

The requirement was for a degree in applied electronics, mine was a computer science degree in information technology. Lots of variables, but the bottom line for me is if you are wanting to become employable then the more education you have the better.electronics, computer technology, it systems, study accounting--learn to process W7 forms and you can work as a tax preparer with steady income year round.

you can do consultant work on your own or go vocational and study business management and go into business for yourself laying carpet, landscaping.

And, there are law schools that will accept you and teach you even if there's a good chance that you won't be able to get a license.

So, again, you need to talk with the licensing board in your intended field in your intended state.

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