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During a hearing in 2007, Judge Julian Hall told him: 'In criminal terms, what you did was quite mild', before giving the 71-year-old a suspended sentence.

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A man has walked free from court after pleading guilty to the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

Lady Scott took the 'wholly exceptional' decision to grant Daniel Cieslak an absolute discharge at the High Court in Glasgow today.

Here the victim willingly participated in the sexual intercourse and there was, in fact, consent.'So too, whilst there is no defence to this offence because of strict liability, the fact is that you would have had a defence if the victim had been a few months older.'The statutory offence for girls aged over 13 to 16 years provides for a defence based on reasonable grounds of belief by the accused that the victim was above the age of consent.'It is clear from the agreed facts presented to me that the Crown would have been unlikely to, or unable to, exclude such a defence and they do not dispute this.

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She spoke out as she jailed a man for six years after he raped a drunken girl he met in a Burger King in Manchester city centre in July last year.He faced separate charges relating to two woman who did not know each other.He was accused of raping a woman at his student house in March 2014 when she was 'crazy drunk', and was said to have assaulted another woman at a house party.In 2007 a paedophile who sexually abused a six-year-old girl was set free by a judge who suggested he give his victim money to 'buy a nice new bicycle'.Eric Cole, who had already served jail terms for sex attacks, admitted putting his hand down the girl's trousers as she stood in her garden.

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