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Instead Adan went on a rampage in the Minnesota mall.

He stabbed or cut ten people in the September incident - none of them seriously - before a hero off-duty cop shot him dead.

He faces up to 20 years prison if found guilty of supporting a terrorist group and 10 years if guilty of passport fraud. Yassin is reported to have been born to a white mother and a father who immigrated to the U. But while a student he is reported to have become 'obsessed' with Islamic culture, changing his clothing and brought a prayer rug to school.

Court documents show his alleged enthusiasm for ISIS and say that he listened to music videos produced by the terrorist organization for inspiration, as well as for motivation while working out. The FBI says it acted after she retweeted personal information of two agents with the statement 'Wanted to kill', as well as links that contained photos, addresses and even credit card information for U. At one point police were called after he bragged about having a hit list of students and a plan to blow up the school, KCCI reported.

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan (right) is charged with the same, as well as unlawfully procuring U. citizenship by omitting his ties to terror groups But in between those dates he left the U. and traveled to Syria, arriving sometime in November 2013.

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At least one victim said that Adan asked him if he was Muslim before stabbing him.The bus plunged 30 feet; 13 people were killed in the 2007 accident.In 2014 Roble received ,564 in settlement money, most of which came from the Minnesota state government.Sebastian Gregerson, also known as Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl, was apparently planning something big, it is alleged.The 29-year-old former Target employee is from Detroit, Michigan, and a married father of twin boys. He is said to have amassed an arsenal of weapons over a period of eight months, including a range of guns and knives, commercial-grade road spikes, camouflage vests and military training videos.

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