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In order to achieve the purpose of the Convention, States Parties undertake to: (a) adopt appropriate measures at the national and international levels which are consistent with the principles of the Code; (b) encourage all forms of international cooperation aimed at protecting athletes and ethics in sport and at sharing the results of research; (c) foster international cooperation between States Parties and leading organizations in the fight against doping in sport, in particular with the World Anti-Doping Agency. In order to coordinate the implementation, at the national and international levels, of the fight against doping in sport, States Parties commit themselves to the principles of the Code as the basis for the measures provided for in Article 5 of this Convention.

The Voluntary Fund shall consist of funds-in-trust established in accordance with the Financial Regulations of UNESCO.

All contributions by States Parties and other actors shall be voluntary. The resources of the Voluntary Fund shall consist of: (a) contributions made by States Parties; (b) contributions, gifts or bequests which may be made by: (i) other States, (ii) organizations and programmes of the United Nations system, particularly the United Nations Development Programme, as well as other international organizations, (iii) public or private bodies or individuals; (c) any interest due on the resources of the Voluntary Fund; (d) funds raised through collections, and receipts from events organized for the benefit of the Voluntary Fund; (e) any other resources authorized by the Voluntary Fund’s regulations, to be drawn up by the Conference of Parties. Contributions into the Voluntary Fund by States Parties shall not be considered to be a replacement for States Parties’ commitment to pay their share of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s annual budget.

In abiding by the obligations contained in this Convention, each State Party undertakes to adopt appropriate measures.

Such measures may include legislation, regulation, policies or administrative practices.

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