Thunderbird rss not updating

Because of this inconsistency in the interpretation of a Newsgroups header in an email messages, Pine 3.90 and 3.91 users sometimes responded publicly to a message that was sent only by email and intended to be private.This caused all kinds of flamage to be unleashed on Pine.2005-Sep-30: Suspension of operations - details in the thread immediate cessation of operations of Cyrusoft and in the Slashdot message Thanks and some inside dope from an inside dope by Matt Wall 2005-Sep-29: Mulberry is a powerful robust multi-platform IMAP client and I think of it as a complement to Pine rather than a competitor.Currently I use Pine for composing and sending IMAP & NNTP messages, and I use Mulberry to monitor my incoming mailboxes & alert me when a new message arrives, to do heavy duty searching through multiple local & IMAP-accessible mailboxes, to read high-volume infrequently-read mailboxes, and to rename and reorganize my mailboxes. My complaints about Mulberry, compared to Pine, are that The not-for-profit Sea Monkey Suite, and its for-profit Mozilla dot COM cousin Thunderbird, are multi-platform IMAP/POP/NNTP/LDAP clients. My complaints about Mozilla-based IMAP clients, compared to Pine, are that I'm starting to prefer Moz to Mulberry as my GUI complement to Pine, mainly because 1) Mulberry does not have smart local caching and 2) Mulberry does not support NNTP or RSS/Atom, both of which I use as much — or more — than IMAP.See Also: In the previous section, I described how I use Pine as my primary mail tool and Mulberry as a useful companion to Pine.

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If a Pine user replied to this message, Pine asked if she wanted to post her reply to the newsgroup(s).This problem was fixed in Pine 3.92, which was released on 18 March 1996, but As discussed in this August-2003 thread in the pine-info mailing list, this problem re-appeared in Pine version 4.56 and is still present in the latest version of Pine (4.64).You can try to avoid it by using one of the following seven solutions. Make sure to read the "Known Issues" sticky to see if your problem's already known (and maybe resolved), and also for what we need from you if we're going to be able to help! You can also attach log/conf files, images of screenshots, or zip files to better describe your problem.

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