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For example, if you have a fixed bandwidth (Cable, Fiber, ADSL, etc), leave defaults.

Limiting uploads depends on your usage frequency and bandwidth plan.

The weird thing is that, while it worked, the software also looked quite different from what I was used to.

Perhaps just blindly updating the version of Bittorrent all the time is not the best option.

Sometimes we need to reset the setting to take advantage of the new software settings.

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Notice that u Torrent is asking for k B/s under “Maximum download rate” not Mbps.

Comet_Azureus.3FYou are directly connected to 1 node.

I don't use DHT with u Torrent as I don't see any speed improvement, unlike Azureus, where I get a big speed improvement.

There are no best queue settings in u Torrent, it all depends on your downloading needs.

But if you have a limited download speed (usually mobile data plans), then lowering upload speeds is a good idea.

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