Who is teyana taylor dating drake

But that isn't keeping social media from pretending they are.The sourcing behind Drake and Taylor's rumored pairing is scarce at best, but the rumor mill started churning after Taylor attended Drake's 30th birthday party in Los Angeles last week — a function that, coincidentally, her ex-boyfriend John Mayer and ex-BFF Katy Perry both attended."I just always had a huge crush on Kat and she was kind enough one night to oblige me and we went out for dinner," Drake said a few years ago, with the Two Broke Girls confirming that Drake is "lovely" and "nice" in an interview with Chelsea Handler in May of 2013.Baldwin has often referred to Drake as a "great friend" and the two have worked together professionally numerous times. That was the rumor when they were spotted out and about in June of 2016.He dated Keshia Chante (2000-2002), Nebby (2002-2006), Jade Lee (2006), Paris Morton (2007), Bria Myles (2008-2009), and Teyana Taylor (2009).In 2009, he dated Catya Washington but broke up after a year.

with his own permanent banner hanging at the Barclays Center.

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Don't get too excited: the Internet's new favorite celebrity couple are (almost certainly) not dating.

He then dated Maliah Michel (2010), Rihanna (2010-2016), Taraji P.

Henson (2010), Dj Duffey (2011), Serena Williams (2011-2015), Dollicia Bryan (2011-2012), Sphia Marie (2012), Deelishis (2012-2014), Crystal Westbrooks (2013-2015), Bernice Burgos (2014-2015), Hailey Baldwin (2016), Bella Hadid (2017), K'yanna Barber (2017), and so on.

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