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Role playing gives you the chance to be a player in a universe that your imagination can only dream of.Pretend that you are a player in a virtual social situation and act out a particular behavior that you have been imagining in your mind.How do people sit at their computers and do that shit?If you can't understand why people like pretending to be something else, getting sucked in a whole new world and just let their fantasy guide them, that's probably the same reason I don't understand why you or anyone else is playing Ego-Shooters.They sit there and pretend to have slain some pixel dragon, and pretty wierd to watch people do it and I can't comprehend what it is like to be a part of it.People do it because they enjoy it, for the same reasons kids like to play with their toys and imagination, because it's enjoyable.I feel they are easier on me emotionally, but physically...People meet each other most of the time due to doing something they both have in common.

Roleplaying Chatrooms Online dating sites have evolved tremendously and are now one of the most popular ways for single men and women to seek out companionship relationships and marriage.They enjoy each other's company, and they met online.The problem with the internet is parallel to its greatest achievement: it has given the little man an outlet where he can be heard.I dont understand Here's a hint, people are different and likes different things roleplaying is fun as someone said gives u are feeling your more indepth with the game,where your character will have a background story say if your orc when your young your parents have been murdered and you been traded to a orc clan and forced to fight etc, then your get full rpgers where there in character all the time and speak in character that is abit too much for me.Thats about it really, I can't speak for people that cyber or date ingame.

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